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Cordage SC - Stronger Together


Cordage SC gets its namesake from the historic “Plymouth Cordage Factory” here in Plymouth, Ma.

Founded in 1824, the Plymouth Cordage Factory became the largest rope manufacturer in the world.


So what does an old rope factory have to do with soccer today in Plymouth?  


Well, a single string or strand can be broken or easily snapped but when twisted or braided, those single strings come together to make something incredibly strong.  From the first Thanksgiving, to our maritime and manufacturing past,  history teaches us that we are always

Stronger Together.


"Stronger Together" is the very reason why Cordage SC does not hold tryouts.  We believe that every child (who loves soccer) should get the training and play that they deserve, regardless of current skill level or financial situation because at Cordage SC, the rising tide raises all of our boats.


With our well qualified and inviting coaching staff, we are able to properly train and push to excel all of our players.  Just bring your love of soccer and a willingness to work hard! That’s all that’s needed at Cordage SC.


We offer year round training, tournaments, in-club tournaments and friendlies, league play (indoor and outdoor), futsal, street soccer, and even beach soccer.  We are constantly growing, both organizationally and developmentally, and are always seeking new soccer opportunities for our players!


Our goal at Cordage SC is to keep our kids playing the game they love at the most affordable price possible, while still providing excellent training and playing opportunities.  No cutting players, no price gouging, or crazy schedule commitments.  Just fun, competitive, flexible, family friendly soccer!


We continuously accept new players, so come join the club! Because at Cordage SC, we are always

Stronger Together!

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